De-Risk Your Supply Chain

Catalyst Connection’s New Guide contains everything you need to know about de-risking and realigning your supply chain.

Whether you’re ready or not, changes are coming to your supply chain. The current environment requires planning and preparation—and there is no room for error. Now, more than ever, you can’t afford to be caught off guard or play catch-up with your competition.

That’s why Catalyst Connection has compiled the information, resources, and strategies to guide our region’s manufacturers through supply chain changes and challenges.

De-Risking Your Supply Chain covers everything you need to know about sourcing, strategizing, and sustaining your supply chain for a practical, systematic approach to de-risking and developing a process that is robust and fault-tolerant

This new normal we are entering is the first time in 30 years that manufacturers have the chance to rework the supply chain. As the next great supply chain realignment is underway, looking at this as an opportunity will help small and mid-sized manufacturers survive and thrive.


What’s In It?

Our free guide covers everything you need to know about understanding your existing supply chain, the current and coming landscapes, and the key ways you need to take action for de-risking and realigning. De-Risking Your Supply Chain contains our five-step approach to creating a resilient, fault-tolerant supply chain, including: