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AIM Higher Consortium

The AIM Higher Consortium is a wide-ranging program funded by the Department of Defense with the goal of strengthening the defense supply chain in the Greater Pittsburgh region of Southwest Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The AIM Higher Consortium will directly support DoD-OLDCC’s mission to enhance the readiness, resiliency, and innovation of the national defense manufacturing supply chain. This program supports that effort by providing comprehensive technical assistance to small- and medium-sized defense manufacturing entities in key technology areas. The objective is support to small and medium-sized manufacturers in the defense industry seeking to expand business and operational capabilities to strengthen the supply chain and create and retain jobs in defense manufacturing sectors.


Explore The New Manufacturing

Our Explore the New Manufacturing programs offer various programs that allow regional manufacturers and schools to collaborate and engage. These programs focus on today’s modern manufacturing. Students are shown that manufacturing involves cutting edge technologies, clean facilities, high precision, innovation, creativity, and a workday that is rarely monotonous. Manufacturing is solving major world challenges, providing an opportunity to make a difference, and offering great pay/benefits.


Making Your Future

The Making Your Future (MYF) Program addresses the skilled worker shortage by making sure that all members of our community are aware of career opportunities and are provided support to pursue those opportunities in an equitable way. With a particular focus on individuals from underrepresented groups and disadvantaged communities in the Pittsburgh region, we engage with community-based organizations and provide pre-employment training, career counseling, and job placement assistance.

Manufacturing Navigators

There’s no better time to be a leader in a growing industry full of diverse career opportunities, and innovative technology. Build your network, give back, and build the Pittsburgh Manufacturing Scene.

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We Make It Here

From robotics and autonomous vehicles to 3D printing, manufacturers are finding new ways to make the next big thing, and then the thing after that. We Make it Here, because we know the future of our region isn’t in the hands of our grandparents, its in ours.

Grant Programs & Funding Sources

Grant Programs & Funding Sources

There are a number of grants and tax credits available to manufacturers in the region. Click here to see what programs your organization may be eligible for.