Making Your Future


About Making Your Future Program

The Making Your Future (MYF) Program addresses the skilled worker shortage and the social and income disparities in Pittsburgh.

During this program, individuals from underrepresented groups and disadvantaged communities in the Pittsburgh region will have the opportunity to participate in one-year of career counseling and job development services.  Services will leverage new and existing relationships to emphasize preemployment training for career tracks in manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and robotics.

For manufacturing companies, the Making Your Future program provides them with an opportunity to be “conscious capitalists” by enhancing their ties to the community while at the same time building their technical, sales & distribution, and administrative human resources.   There is no financial obligation to participate in the program beyond paying the trainees and providing them with health benefits.

If you are a company that might be interested, please visit our website to contact Nate Broadus to discuss how the program might fit your needs! Contact Nate now: