Do you have the right products for the market you serve – and the right market for the products that you make?

In order to ensure the long-term success of manufacturers, we have developed the following services to help companies of all sizes achieve their growth goals. Any important journey must begin with a plan and a map, let us help with both. Catalyst’s business growth services help companies increase their profitability and their top-line growth by securing new customers in existing markets, entering new domestic and international markets, and successfully developing new products to sustain competitive advantage.

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New Markets

Nearly every company, regardless of size, aims for growth. To achieve this, pushing boundaries is essential. Expanding to new geographic markets or industry sectors is a viable first step. However, it can be daunting, especially for smaller businesses. With Catalyst Connection’s guidance, you can confidently navigate the expansion process and chart a successful path to enter new markets.

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New Products

Creating an innovation program and framework is a crucial practice for companies, enabling them to discover and transform promising ideas into tangible value. This value translates into amplified growth and profits, fostering customer retention and acquisition, expanding market presence, seizing new opportunities, and achieving unparalleled differentiation from competitors, solidifying a strong foothold in the customer’s value chain.

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Improving Sales Performance

At Catalyst, we realize that sales is a team sport. It requires that salespeople and channel partners work together effectively, with support from marketing, to achieve a company’s growth goals. We work with companies to enable them to achieve their growth objectives – from assessing current performance, to hiring new channel partners, to developing sales enablement tools and processes, to providing training and coaching.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a critical business practice that helps position companies for success. Having a strategic plan aligns your leadership team and guides management decisions. Unfortunately, most strategic plans fail to deliver real value due to some common pitfalls, such as viewing strategic planning as a single, annual event, not an on-going process where the plan is reviewed and acted on throughout the year. Today, more than ever, companies need to devote time to strategy. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to strategic planning, companies that get the most benefit from their strategic planning activities have four things in common:

  1. They explore strategy at distinct time horizons;
  2. They constantly reinvent and stimulate strategic dialogue;
  3. They engage the broad organization;
  4. They invest in execution and monitoring.
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Roadmap for Growth

We developed a Roadmap for Growth assessment that compares your company’s goals, strategies, and business development operations against best practices and your competitive environment. It identifies weak links that could be improved to help you grow faster and more effectively, as well as strengths and opportunities that could become the building blocks for future growth. And it determines if your company is ready for aggressive growth.

Catalyst believes that for a strategy to influence action it must be remembered. To be remembered, it must be understood. And to be understood, it must be simple. For this reason, the key deliverable is a Growth Roadmap that identifies prioritized initiatives to enable your team to at least double your existing growth rate.

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Export Compliance

Catalyst Connection’s Export Compliance Services offer manufacturers a way to capitalize on the opportunities of exporting while mitigating the risks involved. Export violations can have severe consequences, including loss of export privileges, government contract suspension, hefty fines, and even imprisonment. By leveraging Catalyst Connection’s services, companies can adopt preventative strategies and industry best practices to minimize personal and business risks, ensuring compliance with export regulations. Catalyst Connection supports manufacturers through various stages, including conducting compliance audits, assisting new exporters in understanding regulations, determining product classifications, developing procedures and documentation, and providing training and coaching to their teams.

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Digital Marketing

Catalyst Connection is one of the only organizations that specializes in Digital and Internet Marketing Consulting specifically for small to medium sized manufacturers. We have completed over 300 websites and search engine optimization projects over the past 15 years and we were among the first to offer video production and YouTube optimization for manufacturers.

Digital Marketing Tools for Success:
We work with individual clients or work with their web development team to provide a robust suite of Digital and Internet Marketing Consulting services, including:

  • Internet & Digital Marketing Assessments
  • Website In-Bound Link Audits
  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Internet Strategy Development
  • Website Development
  • Video Production & Optimization
  • Google Analytics Conversion and Monitoring
  • Google AdWords Management
  • Social Media Strategy Development and Management

Meet the Team

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