Improving Sales Performance


At Catalyst, we realize that sales is a team sport. It requires that salespeople and channel partners work together effectively, with support from marketing, to achieve a company’s growth goals. We work with companies to enable them to achieve their growth objectives – from assessing current performance, to hiring new channel partners, to developing sales enablement tools and processes, to providing training and coaching.

Improving Sales Performance Tools for Success

  • Sales Assessment – This assessment helps size up the effectiveness of a company’s sales program based on a number of factors to identify improvements that would help increase top-line growth.
  • Channel Network Assessment – Evaluating the capabilities and degree of “fit” of your current reps and distributors will identify where and how to make your existing Channel Network more effective and help increase the revenue generated by these important partners.
  • Manufacturer’s Rep and Distributor Search – Catalyst can help you identify and vet potential reps and/or distributors that meet your specific requirements and expertise. Once a new Channel Partner is selected, Catalyst provides guidance and coaching for on-boarding the new Partner to help ensure that they become a high performer.
  • Sales Playbook Development – Sales Playbooks have proven to help shorten sales cycles, increase win rates, ramp up new salespeople and optimize overall sales performance. Catalyst can help you develop a Sales Playbook for your specific products, services and target customers.
  • Prospect Database Development – Catalyst can act as a valuable extension of your marketing and sales program by identifying and qualifying new prospects based on specific criteria and strategy.