Empowering Women in Manufacturing: Pioneering Leadership and Progress

People | David Rea| March 25, 2024

As Women’s History Month unfolds, it’s a time to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of women in various fields, including manufacturing. Among the trailblazers is Lori Albright, whose journey from the inception of Stellar Precision Components to assuming the role of President embodies resilience, dedication, and innovation.

Lori’s association with Stellar Precision Components dates back to its founding by her father in 1979. From the outset, she was immersed in the company’s operations, undertaking diverse roles ranging from answering phones and managing invoices to running machines to keep production flowing. This hands-on experience, coupled with her unwavering commitment, paved the way for her ascent to the presidency upon her father’s retirement in 2003.

Reflecting on the unique qualities that women bring to leadership roles in manufacturing, Lori emphasizes the significance of empathy in problem-solving. Women leaders, she observes, possess a deep understanding of individual needs and challenges, whether they be clients or employees. By addressing these concerns with empathy and determination, they foster loyalty and trust, laying the foundation for collaborative success.

Looking towards the future, Lori envisions a landscape where women play an increasingly prominent role in manufacturing. She highlights the growing presence of women in program management, engineering, and quality assurance roles within Stellar Precision Components and its clientele. Moreover, the company has actively recruited women for technical positions in machining and quality control, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

However, Lori acknowledges that sustained progress hinges on raising awareness and generating interest in manufacturing careers, particularly among women. Collaboration between schools and industry partners is essential in exposing individuals to the myriad opportunities within the manufacturing sector. Initiatives such as “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” and “BotsIQ” serve as crucial platforms for outreach, inspiring the next generation of women leaders in manufacturing.

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, Lori’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for women navigating the intricate terrain of manufacturing. Her leadership, resilience, and commitment to fostering inclusivity propel the industry towards a future where women stand at the forefront of innovation and progress. In celebrating her achievements, we celebrate the countless women whose contributions continue to shape the narrative of manufacturing, enriching the sector with diversity and dynamism.