Becoming an Employer of Choice: 5 Best Practices to Attract and Retain Superior Employees

No matter the size or focus of an organization, hiring and retaining the best people for the job is crucial to long-term success. Developing a reputation as a desirable place to work will help to attract superior candidates, and creating an organizational culture that meets employee needs will keep people satisfied and engaged in the workplace. Below are 5 best practices to become an employer of choice.

Job Security

An employee who can trust in the long-term viability of their job – and paycheck – can work without the stress and distractions associated with such fears. Creating an environment that is free from such worries is healthier, more productive, and ultimately allows people to focus on their responsibilities and not the things that are out of their control.


It should be understood that people will choose to work in an environment where respect is a foundational part of the culture. Employers who fundamentally respect their people, regardless of their performance or if they make mistakes, can develop a healthy team and workplace. This will have a positive effect on all levels of relationships among coworkers and bosses.

Opportunity for Growth

Superior employees have a desire to advance in their careers, so becoming an employer of choice requires an organization to create opportunities for growth. People should feel encouraged to continue on a path of development, and be provided with performance reviews, internal and external training, and career path advising.

Work-Life Balance

In what is becoming an increasingly important quality for being recognized as an employer of choice, developing a culture with a strong work-life balance is critical for meeting employee needs. Giving people the freedom to take care of their life responsibilities will reduce stress, improve morale, and increase longevity of the workforce.


Creating a culture of feedback is another way for employees to feel engaged and valued within an organization. Having their work be recognized ties in with several of the other best practices mentioned previously. Highlighting accomplishments shows respect, and having regular and targeted performance reviews provides opportunities for growth.

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