Advanced Manufacturing Technology Adoption

Process | Connie Palucka| April 22, 2019

As modern manufacturing moves into the fourth industrial revolution, technology plays an increasingly important role in all levels of production. And while technology increases capabilities, it also increases the complexity of each subsystem. With advanced manufacturing technology adoption becoming vital to compete and stay relevant in the Industry 4.0 world, companies are seeking out MEP’s who can help with the adoption of new enterprise software as they seek to improve productivity and optimization.

How Manufacturing has Changed

Modern manufacturing is a complex and adaptive series of subsystems that operate in a shifting global economy. Gone are the days when a factory full of assembly lines would focus on one task that was easily replicated, with the sum of these parts eventually equaling the whole of the product. This static operation has been replaced with a dynamic supply chain full of moving parts that often doesn’t even know what the final product is.

With no static optimal state to achieve, it is difficult for engineers to understand, adapt and adjust the system to achieve a balance of demand, throughput and expenses. The Lean Manufacturing movement was born out of this acceptance: that an optimal state could never be fully achieved, but that process improvement could be continuously sought.

How to Embrace Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Too many manufacturers are stuck using whiteboards, spreadsheets and stopwatches to analyze the efficiency of their systems. Why? Because the complex and adaptive world of manufacturing needs flexible tools that can be constantly adjusted by individuals, who are involved and understand what is happening. And unfortunately, the new generation of information technology is often too rigid to allow for flexible, real-time adjustments.

Luckily, the enterprise software that is available to the manufacturing world is starting to catch up. Through “no-code” applications, engineers are able to add custom content and build out specific processes to better understand and adjust their systems. By decentralizing the approach to Manufacturing Execution Systems, individual companies along a complex network of supply chain subsystems can adopt the Lean approach of continuous (and real-time) improvement.

Tools and Services to Consider

Catalyst Connection offers support and services specific to your company’s objectives, whether it’s assessing IT capabilities or implementing full scale software selection and acquisition.  We partner with manufacturers to understand and adopt enterprise software like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We also provide assessments for manufacturers as they seek continuous improvement and optimization for in-house operations and supply chain management.

Catalyst Connection provides expert advice to manufacturers trying to navigate Industry 4.0. Choosing the right enterprise software, and adopting advanced manufacturing technology, can prepare a company for a successful transition into the future of manufacturing in the global marketplace.