IMT Pre-Apprenticeship Program

About the Program:

The Industrial Manufacturing Technician Pre-Apprenticeship helps high school students begin a pathway to a career in manufacturing. Due to changing manufacturing technologies, entry-level workers require higher skills than before, and employers are struggling to recruit and retain these types of workers.

Key Benefits for Students:

  • Stackable credentials that are a foundation for multiple career pathways
  • Leads to industry-recognized credentials recognized nationally
  • Career exploration activities with local manufacturing companies
  • Career coaching to assist in starting a career in manufacturing
  • Networking with other pre-apprentices from other local school districts
  • Guaranteed job interview upon completion of the two online certifications
  • Once hired by an employer. apprentices are regular, full-time employees

Online Curriculum:

  • Safety
    1. Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing
    2. Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things
    3. Safety Responsibilities
    4. Practicing Safety in the Workplace
    5. Types of PPE
    6. Hazardous Materials Standards
    7. Hazardous Material Handling and Storage
    8. Machine Safety
    9. Equipment Safety
    10. Material Handling and Robot Safety
    11. Safety Inspections and Analysis
    12. Work Area Safety
    13. Training
    14. Fire and Electrical Safety
    15. Emergency and Accident Response
    16. Introduction to Communication
    17. Receiving Communication
    18. Communication Methods
    19. Communicating Feedback
    20. Introduction to Teams
    21. Production Team Communication
    22. Team Ideation
    23. Workplace Behavior
  • Quality Practices & Measurement
    1. Introduction to Quality
    2. Dimensional Measurement
    3. Measurement Conversion
    4. Introduction to Print Reading
    5. Multiview Drawings
    6. Blueprint Dimensions and Notes
    7. Manufacturing Drawings and Scales
    8. Welding Symbols
    9. Tolerancing
    10. Caliper Measurement
    11. Micrometer Measurement
    12. Indicator Measurement
    13. Quality Inspections and Audits
    14. Introduction to Quality Tools
    15. Preventive and Corrective Action
    16. Basic Statistical Concepts
    17. Introduction to Control Chart

If you as a company would like to know about supporting the pre-apprenticeship program or hiring graduates of the program, contact Mara Peduto at