Stacey Dranikoski

For over ten years, Stacey has worked alongside manufacturing and industrial supply and service companies in southwestern PA. Prior to joining Catalyst Connection, she oversaw the operations of a grassroots company that worked exclusively in this sector, then helped to transition and carry out that mission through a long-standing SWPA trade association with deep roots in manufacturing. With an emphasis on economic development, her primary focus was to connect industrial focused companies with the local resources available for improved business processes and efficiencies as well as generating additional revenue through external connections.

Stacey has led several industrial focused steering committees and has served as the local area coordinator for the Fluid Power Challenge, a hands-on STEM program that exposes middle school students to the skills needed and opportunities available within the industrial and manufacturing industries. Her background also includes marketing, sales and event process management as well as being an entrepreneur following her studies at Pennsylvania State University.