Craig Wilson

Managing Director, Quality/Process Improvement

Mr. Wilson has more than twenty years working as a supervisor, manager and advisor in quality assurance and production. Since joining Catalyst Connection in February 1993, he has helped companies in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, defense, food processing and medical industries to develop and implement effective quality management systems. Mr. Wilson is an AS9100/AS9120 Aerospace Experience Auditor with Exemplar Global and a QMS Lead Auditor with IRQA. He is a senior member in the American Society for Quality, an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality /Organizational Excellence, Certified Quality Engineer, and Certified Quality Auditor. Additionally, Mr. Wilson is an IAQG certified Instructor for the AS9100 Aerospace Auditor Transition Training.

He holds a BS degree in Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from West Virginia University. He regularly performs QMS audits of aerospace companies in the continental US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Consulting Expertise
  • Quality Systems
  • ISO Project Management
  • ISO Internal Auditor Training
  • Process and Software Verification and Validation
  • CE Marking
Past Client Success and Experience
  • Conspec Controls, Inc.
  • AccuTrex Products, Inc
  • Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing
  • Wheeler Bros., Inc.
  • Bearing Service Company
  • AMS Electronics, Inc. – read about their success
  • Stelkast Company
Certifications and Affiliations
  • Active member of the American Society for Quality
  • ASQ Certified / Quality Manager
  • ASQ Certified / Quality Engineer
  • ASQ Certified / Quality Auditor
  • RABQSA Certified / AS9100 Aerospace Experienced Auditor
  • International Register of Certificated Auditors / QMS 2000 Lead Auditor