Advanced Robotics


A common perception among small and medium manufacturers is that advanced robotics and automation are out of reach – expensive and time consuming implementations that are simply not a fit for their high-mix/low-volume operations.  While that was the case decades ago, the ongoing industry trend to address those challenges has made that more perception than reality.

These efforts are resulting in an increasing range of flexible options from suppliers that can allow even some job shop small manufacturers to realize the competitive benefits of robotics.  From collaborative robots with no-code programming and seemingly endless tooling options to machine vision systems with plug and play connectivity and AI enabled defect detection, the pace of new developments is constantly lowering barriers to adoption.  While the term ‘advanced robotics’ may still conjure images of massive factories with an army of highly specialized robotic arms along an assembly line producing an endless stream of identical parts, that is no longer accurate and is becoming less so every day.

Common examples of advanced robotics implementations at SMMs:

  • Robotic machine tending allowing CNC mills, lathes, press brakes and others to allow for unattended run time, increasing production of your existing staff
  • Grinding automation alleviates staffing challenges due to frequent worker turnover on a physically demanding task and allows your workers to focus on detailed finishing
  • Machine vision inspection system improves delivered quality, reduces inspection labor costs, and allows reallocation of inspection staff to value added tasks

The key is identifying the value drivers for your business and connecting those with the projects and technology that can bring them to fruition. Whether you tackle those challenges with internal or external resources, Catalyst Connection is here to support your efforts with services like:

  • Assessments: Lean + Automation, Robotics. Need help identifying your high value opportunities?
  • System Integrator/Provider search. Unique application? We explore our 3rd party network and beyond to help you find a skilled provider
  • Request for Proposal process management. Don’t have the time to complete due diligence and obtain multiple proposals? This is a good option for you!
  • Technical Project Management. Catalyst Connection will be your advocate and keep your 3rd party implementation project on track
  • Robotics & Technology Implementation Workshop. If you want to handle your process internally, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel with tools, resources, and templates, let us train you in our approach!

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