Leading Lean Transformation



Recent studies say that failure rates for Lean programs range between 80% and 95%! A majority of these failure rates are related to the inability of an organization to sustain the LEAN initiative after initial implementation.

Unfortunately, many organizations fail to sustain these efforts do to a lack of leadership. At Catalyst Connection, we have developed a Leading Lean program that requires our clients to take an objective and sometimes sobering look into their leadership practices. Leadership is built upon trust and transparency which are common themes throughout the training.

Those organizations who embrace such initiatives are truly committing to the success of their organizations and more importantly the success of their people. This program is meant to inspire LEAN practice sustainment throughout an organization.
Leading Lean is designed to provide organizational leaders with the skills needed to successfully facilitate a lean implementation and to support a lean culture post-implementation

The Catalyst Connection Difference – Our Lean Leadership Program Objectives

  • Creating a Shared Vision – What we believe in and how do we communicate it?
  • Creating a Circle of Trust – When employees feel protected they become more innovative and productive!
  • Standardizing and Improving Processes – Practical application of LEAN supported by all levels of management.
  • Coaching and Maintaining Accountability – All levels of employee must be ready and willing to hold themselves and each other accountable on a daily basis. Accountability impacts every organization holistically and is a direct driver of a successful organization.
  • Clarity in Communication – An organization can limit there need for excessive policies and procedures with clear and concise communication.
  • Empowering Individuals and Teams – Empowered employees and teams become more engaged which leads to greater productivity and innovation as well as show increased ability to adapt to change.

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