People Empowerment Series


Enhance the key skills necessary to effectively lead any organization’s most precious asset – its people. Strengthen your personal and professional skills through creating awareness, reinforcing leadership learning concepts and taking action through four instructor-led courses, and five 1:1 personalized skills reinforcement sessions.

People Empowerment Workshop Series – Session Outline:

1.Communication: Connect Through Conversations – Recognize role of emotional intelligence in communication

This course highlights to leaders that engaging the “head”—the business outcome of the conversation—is just as critical as recognizing and addressing the “heart”—people’s feelings such as being respected or appreciated. Leaders will recognize the role of emotional intelligence in success as a leader as they develop foundational leadership skills that apply to the wide range of workplace situations they must handle.

Helps leaders: • Conduct conversations that achieve the intended business goals. • Communicate and respond in ways that meet the unique personal needs of team members and others. • Recognize and react to emotions (their own and others’) present in work situations.

• Use a technique to provide meaningful, supportive feedback.

Competencies developed: • Building Partnerships • Communication • Emotional Intelligence Essentials • Managing Relationships

2.Coaching: Move People Forward – Coach in the moment

In this course, leaders recognize the benefits of a growth mindset, and the insight tool measures their general orientation to how they view other’s potential to grow. They learn and practice a practical approach to coaching in the moment, in any situation.

Helps leaders: • Recognize and nurture the potential within others to grow and change. • Build a coaching relationship based on trust. • Guide, inspire, support, and empower in the moment. • Ask questions, connect at a human level, and energize into action.

Competencies developed: • Coaching • Coaching & Developing Others

3. Delegation: Engage and Empower People – Delegate comfortably and confidently

This course sets out to help leaders shift their mindset about what they can delegate and feel more comfortable and confident doing so. Learners dig into their workload to identify tasks they’d never consider delegating. They use methods for matching people to tasks they’re both motivated and capable of doing. And, they practice the delegation conversation they’ll have to ensure success.

Helps leaders: • Delegate work that they wouldn’t have before. • Identify tasks to delegate that engage, empower, and develop the team. • Match a person’s capabilities and motivations to an appropriate task. • Share work that extends the right amount of ownership and decision-making authority. • Establish clear boundaries, support, and follow-up with each delegation.

Competencies developed: • Delegation & Empowerment • Sharing Responsibility

4. Engaging and Retaining Talent – Inspire higher levels of engagement and intent to stay

This course provides leaders with a model to determine what drives each individual’s engagement, as well as methods for proactive engagement and talent retention. Participants learn how to conduct “engagement conversations” and “retention conversations.” They explore ways to offer recognition and create an engaging environment using no-cost “everyday engagers.”

Helps leaders: • Engage individuals on a daily basis. • Uncover and address what individuals need to be more satisfied and engaged at work. • Inspire higher levels of engagement by acknowledging the value people bring to the organization and showing them that they matter. • Increase the quality of conversations with people about their engagement and intent to stay.

Competencies developed: • Inspiring Others


“Just wanted to share with you one of my win’s this week. With the class techniques learned,  I pitched a new idea to our CEO, and he asked me to introduce this idea the management team, & I did this morning.  I thought this was a good fit for employee development. It was very well received, and they considered it as a potential option. Thanks again for all your help and coaching , appreciate you.”Allegheny Performance Plastics


“One of the main challenges for me prior to taking the leadership course was having a strong understanding of appropriate pathway to lead conversations that meet the personal needs of team members within the organization and how to really address situations in a professional and individual manner. The training courses led by Kristen were enriching and instructional, where our team learned in a group setting foundational techniques to enhance communications with the basis of making connections with team members that were meaningful and supportive. Our team had the opportunity to work in small groups and build-out conversation examples as a tool to use in business situations. Kristen is an involved and supportive instructor. She takes a strong interest in making sure instructional techniques are well understood, allowing our team to be successful in applying the knowledge taught in this course.”Kopp Glass

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