Business Impact Initiative (Bi2)


The Business Impact Initiative (Bi2) prepares influential leaders to address the biggest opportunities manufacturers are facing today. By providing a world-class curriculum and customized, one-on-one coaching, this program focuses on driving leadership transformation to address issues or opportunities specific to their organization.


  • Drive Strategic Execution
  • Build Strong Employer Brand
  • Develop a Learning Organization
  • Identify Cost Savings
  • Redefine Core Values
  • Improve Processes

Target Audience:

Middle to Senior Managers

Instructor-led, employer on-site with virtual coaching. 4 to 6 participants

8-months. 1 to 2 courses per month, with 2-4 hours coaching per month.

Contact Us

For more information on Business Impact Initiative (Bi2), contact Dave Rea, Managing Director of Organizational Development, at 412.918.4218 or