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The Catalyst Connection Digital Bridge Podcast Series explores Pittsburgh’s Industry 4.0. The Digital Bridge is hosted by Catalyst’s Matt Holjes to explore the intersections of leading-edge technologies in the manufacturing setting. Catalyst Connection provides consulting and training services to small manufacturers in southwestern Pennsylvania, accelerating revenue growth and improving productivity.

Episode 8: Game-Changing Talent Strategies

Livia Macedo of DDI talks about top strategies for manufacturers to build and maintain their workforces. She also details how a manufacturer can begin building a talent supply chain. Macedo will also address the importance of having manufacturing leaders focused on Industry 4.0

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Episode 7: Rhabit’s Tech Captures Employee Feedback

Kevin Kelly of Rhabit overviews his company’s powerful technology that makes it easy to build a culture of feedback. Rhabit combines the latest research in organizational psychology with human-centered software to unlock the power of continuous employee feedback. Find out how manufacturers can use this technology to better manage their workforces.

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Episode 6: Exploring Digital Twin Technology

Simwell’s Jon Santavy goes into detail around all aspects of the Digital Twin Technology. Discover how it takes simulations to a whole new level and can save manufacturers time and money across the board from product development to shop floor setup.

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Episode 5: Siemens and Industry 4.0

Mike Holtkamp, Digital Enterprise Account Executive at Siemens, talks about the company’s commitment to Industry 4.0 Discover what it expects out of its suppliers, the introduction of AR/VR technologies and more!

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Episode 4: Lojic

Discover how Lojic makes software for manufacturers. Lojic is a full service software development and services company geared towards the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers concentrate on making their business processes as lean as possible but often their software and systems are the one thing that is holding them back. Learn more at

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