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Are you ready to implement robotics? Answer these 7 Questions First!

Implementing robotics in manufacturing can inject greater flexibility in product customization and increase productivity from the workforce. With simplification being a key trend in this field, robots are becoming smarter, faster, cheaper, and more accessible to a wide variety of SMM operations. Here are a series of questions to consider when determining if the time […]


3 Questions about XR Technologies

Guest Blogger: Karen Alexander PhD – XRconnectED What Is XR? XR is a term that refers collectively to a range of technologies. Virtual Reality is a completely computer-generated environment that is experienced by wearing a VR headset. Because the environment and the objects within it are digital, they can be manipulated and the user can […]


Industry 4.0 is all about data: TAKTL Case Study

Guest Blogger: Ben Bird – Director, Information Technology, TAKTL Industry 4.0 is all about data. Data collected from machines, operators, systems, robots, products, customers, and every other process along the value chain. The data is captured, analyzed, and studied, and then it teaches us something about the chain. The generated knowledge drives deliberate actions relative to product […]