Manufacturers’ Guide to Robotics

Catalyst Connection has developed this Manufacturers’ Guide to Robotics to serve as a tool to help small manufacturers explore the adoption of robotics in their facilities. Traditionally, robotics was thought of as a singularly focused and extremely costly system that was exclusive to large manufacturers who have low mix/high volume production.

However, more recent technology advances in sensors, software, vision systems and more are shifting the paradigm and making robotics implementation a reality for even the smallest manufacturers…

This Manufacturers’ Guide to Robotics contains information on the initial steps to take as a small manufacturer to start your journey towards robot implementation, as well as key data on:

  • Robot Types
    • Advantages/Disadvantages
    • Tooling Accessories
  • Identifying Your Pain Points and Priorities
  • Building Your Robotics Business Case
  • Available Resources & Next Steps

Download the guide today to learn more!