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AI-Powered Sanding & Grinding Automation: Increase Productivity and Mitigate Your Workforce Risk

If you’ve investigated automated surface finishing (grinding, sanding, polishing, etc) in the past and found it wasn’t a good fit to your high mix-low volume environment, it’s time to take another look. AI powered systems like GrayMatter Robotics are changing the landscape of automation and eliminating the need for complex robot programming by the user. Furthermore, GrayMatter Robotics offers its solutions with absolutely no capex, as well as guaranteed 24/7 support and maintenance of the hardware and software. Its subscription-based model (also known as Robots as a service or ‘RaaS’) enables manufacturers to make swift upgrades in their technology and try something new, completely risk-free. This presentation will provide a technology overview and highlight case studies to show how small and medium manufacturers are improving their productivity and reducing the manual labor burden on their workforce.



Speaker: Eric Summa, Director of Solutions, GrayMatter Robotics

Eric Summa is an accomplished business leader with a wealth of experience in sales and account management. He earned his education from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, where he laid the foundation for his business acumen. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, Eric furthered his education at Reutlingen University’s ESB Business School, gaining valuable international exposure and insights from diverse markets and cultures.

With over two decades of experience at 3M, a major industry player, Eric’s career trajectory speaks volumes about his expertise. As the Director of Solutions at GrayMatter Robotics, he brings a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering transformative results.

Throughout his journey, Eric has consistently demonstrated his ability to motivate sales teams, efficiently manage operations, and maintain a healthy work-life balance as a devoted husband and father to three boys. Colleagues describe him as an invaluable asset, known for his inspiring leadership and critical contributions to the organizations he serves.


April 11
10:30 am - 11:00 am
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