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Robotics & Technology Implementation Workshop

Foundational knowledge of the capabilities and typical applications of robotics in manufacturing paired with training on our implementation approach suitable for all types of advanced manufacturing technology projects.

Course Objectives

Participants of the Robotics & AMT Implementation Workshop are introduced to the foundational aspects of robotics, typical applications within manufacturing operations, safety considerations, and a standardized approach to solicit, evaluate, and select technology implementation projects.  At completion of the course, the participants will be equipped to run their own project, to engage with technology providers, and implement a technology project.

Course Overview

The course will be conducted in person using a combination of instructor lead presentation material, student exercises, and group discussions to cover the material.  Hands-on exposure to the basics of robot programming will be included. Students are encouraged to utilize real opportunities for technology implementation in their own facilities to aid in applying concepts.

Course Outline

The major topics of the Robotics & AMT Implementation Workshop will include:

  1. Robotics 101. Including robotic tooling, accessories, and machine vision.
  2. SMM Support Resources
  3. SMM Challenges & Pain Points
  4. Business Case & Prioritization
  5. Safety/Risk Assessment process overview
  6. Change Management
  7. Integrator Selection Process
  8. Implementation

Who Should Attend the Robotics & AMT Implementation Workshop

This workshop is recommended for those who have a need to build knowledge and expertise around robotics technologies and the AMT implementation process.  This could be C-Suite or managers considering the implementation of robotics in their facility.  Or manufacturing engineers or production supervisors who will be actively involved in a selection/implementation project.  Anyone who wants to learn about and receive tools and templates for a standardized RFP process geared towards robotics & technology implementation.

Course Materials Provided During Robotics & AMT Implementation Workshop

Workshop booklet, ROI and RFP templates.  (Electronic files also provided) A certification of attendance will be provided upon completion.

Duration and Cost

8-hour workshop, lunch provided. $300 per person.