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AIM2LEARN Reality vs. Hype: Is the Advanced Analytics/AI Train Worth The Ride? Webinar

Everyone wants to maximize the value of their data.  However, the wrong choice wastes time, money and destroys credibility. Delta Bravo has executed over 75 manufacturing Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI Use Cases since 2017. Their work with customers like Rolls-Royce, Continental, Nucor Steel, Elkem Silicones and more has improved throughput, quality and uptime while reducing expensive scrap and rework. Delta Bravo CEO Rick Oppedisano goes into detail on Delta Bravo’s work with Nucor Steel that saved over $1.5M and shares Delta Bravo’s best practice framework used to avoid critical data project mistakes.

About the Presenter

Rick Oppedisano, Founder and CEO, Delta Bravo

 Rick Oppedisano is the founder and CEO of Delta Bravo. Delta Bravo works with manufacturers to turn data collected on the plant floor into Predictive Models that increase throughput and quality while reducing waste and downtime. Rick was named a Global Top 25 Transformative Leader in Manufacturing by Smart Manufacturing Magazine in 2021 and has been featured on national television network A&E’s American Entrepreneur series. The Delta Bravo team’s work with customers like Rolls-Royce, Nucor Steel, Continental and others has won numerous industry awards for excellence in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This webinar is part of the AIM2LEARN education series that is hosted by the AIM Higher Consortium. Speakers present for 30 minutes on a topic relevant to the defense industry supply chain. Each webinar serves as a tool to help regional manufacturers improve their competitive advantage and strategies to expand business with the U.S. Department of Defense and the subcontractors that serve them. This webinar is available at no cost thanks to a grant provided by the Department of Defense Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (DoD-OLDCC). You can learn more about the AIM Higher Consortium at www.AIMHigher.org