Digital Bridge 2019 – Pittsburgh’s Industry 4.0 Conference Materials

Morning Keynote: American Industry 4.0: Hidden Blind Spots, Hidden Strengths

Digital TechTalks

5 Steps to Leverage IoT in Business Transformation
Bridging the Gap
How Digital Twin Applications Create Real Results for Small Manufacturers
Marriage of Physical and Digital Technologies

Physical TechTalks

Collaborative Robotic Solutions
Industry 4.0: Lessons Learned from Metal AM Adoption
Flexibility in Industrial Automation: A Robotics System Integrator
Simplifying the Manufacturing Infrastructure for Maintenance and Spare Parts
Transforming Productivity and Ergonomics in Manufacturing Using 3D Printed Accommodations
Vision Guided Robotics

Workforce TechTalks

3 Keys to a M4.0 Workforce
Educational Programs and Workforce Development for Industry 4.0
Engaging the Front Line to Boost the Bottom Line
First Class Talent Management for the Modern Industrial Worker
Redefining the Technical Training Norm

Digital Bridge 2019 Conference Photos

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