IMT Pre-Apprenticeship Program

About the Program:

The Industrial Manufacturing Technician Pre-Apprenticeship helps high school students begin a pathway to a career in manufacturing. Due to changing manufacturing technologies, entry-level workers require higher skills than before, and employers are struggling to recruit and retain these types of workers.

Key Benefits for Students:

  • Stackable credentials that are a foundation for multiple career pathways
  • Leads to industry-recognized credentials recognized nationally
  • Career exploration activities with local manufacturing companies
  • Career coaching to assist in starting a career in manufacturing
  • Networking with other pre-apprentices from other local school districts
  • Guaranteed job interview upon completion of the two online certifications
  • Once hired by an employer. apprentices are regular, full-time employees

Online Curriculum:

  • Safety
    1. Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing
    2. Communications
    3. Production Teams
    4. Training & Leadership
    5. Safety Organization
    6. Personal Protective Equipment
    7. Fire & Electrical Safety
    8. Work Area Safety
    9. Hazardous Material Safety
    10. Tool & Machine Safety
    11. Material Handling Safety
  • Quality Practices & Measurement
    1. Blueprint Reading 1
    2. Blueprint Reading 2
    3. Blueprint Reading 3
    4. Basic Measurement
    5. Precision Measurement Tools
    6. Dimensional Gauging
    7. Quality Systems
    8. Introduction to SPC
    9. Control Charts
    10. Continuous Improvement

If you as a company would like to know about supporting the pre-apprenticeship program or hiring graduates of the program, contact Mara Peduto at