Veteran’s Day Announcement

Catalyst Connection would like to thank veterans everywhere for their service and dedication.

In 2019, U.S. veterans made up a total of 12.9% of the manufacturing workforce. We would love to see that number continue to soar and will continue our own personal efforts to recruit more veteran talent to manufacturing.

Veterans like Nate Broadus, Catalyst Connection’s Workforce Specialist, bring a special set of skills to the manufacturing industry. Things like attention to detail, safety awareness, a drive to succeed, and a commitment to delivering quality results.

“Happy Veterans Day!  November 10 is also the Marine Corps Birthday, and it is wonderful to celebrate both days, respectively, once again! My experience in the Marine Corps took me around the world, with the most diverse cast of characters imaginable.  Our differences withstanding, we found that we had a much greater capacity for task accomplishment when we worked together, than we did individually.  Our unit found success through a combination of technical aptitude, tactical efficiency and powerful relationships among the people who made it all happen!” – Nate Broadus, Catalyst Connection

Today, and every day, we are thankful for Nate and all veterans for making not only our country, but our workforces a better place for everyone. Happy Veteran’s Day from our team to yours.