The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Team cohesion is vital to all facets of a business, and the productivity and effectiveness of an organization is dependent on the health of the work environment. The positive impacts of good teamwork can lead to a culture of high-functioning and high-achieving people who are more successful at their jobs.

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team looks to develop and grow organizations in areas that are key to productive team dynamics: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.


When we are looking at team cohesion, whether it is at work, with our kids, or in our organizations, trust is a crucial piece of healthy communication. Without trust, it is hard to be vulnerable, or to feel safe operating without filters. A lack of trust leads to a lack of openness, which stymies creativity and problem solving.


Such a lack of trust not only creates conflict, but it can prevent us from dealing with conflict in a productive way. Positive team cohesion is therefore not a lack of conflict, but is instead approaching conflict as an opportunity to develop behaviors that lead to greater communication and effectiveness. A healthy approach to conflict is one in which people feel free to share ideas, challenge theories, and question decisions, all while trusting that the goal of the team is greater success for the whole.


Open communication leads to a deeper commitment within a team, since team members are confident that all opinions and ideas have been heard and considered. The empowerment felt throughout the team can lead to more confidence in the decision, which unifies the team to ‘buy-in’ on all levels.


When everyone is committed, it’s easier for a team to be self-led and hold each other accountable without relying on a team leader. If everyone has bought-in and is fully committed, then accountability happens naturally as the team focuses on a common goal.


Trust within a team leads to a healthy approach to conflict, which leads to a deeper commitment within the group and more accountability from the team members. These first four steps build towards the most important behavior of a cohesive team – results. By focusing on achieving collective results, team success becomes more important than individual aspirations or accolades.

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