Smart Manufacturing – 7 Essential Building Blocks: Industry Report Part Two

This is the second of three Smart Manufacturing Reports from SME.

Advancing Smart Manufacturing

The top two challenges for manufacturers implementing Smart Manufacturing solutions are finding skilled people and figuring out where to begin, according to SME’s Manufacturing in the New Industry 4.0 Era Survey conducted in March 2018.

In this second edition, SME will focus on how to get started defining strategies and implementing solutions by identifying 7 essential critical technology elements (CTE) building blocks. Manufacturers who are looking to move to a Smart Manufacturing enterprise must ensure that these 7 CTE building blocks are integrated, based on their company business goals.

  1. Smart Devices
  2. Smart Interfaces
  3. Edge Computing Devices
  4. Software Platforms & Apps
  5. Data Management Systems
  6. Big Data Analytics
  7. Safety & Security