Process Mapping

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products (MEPPI)

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products (MEPPI) is a manufacturer that serves the North American power systems and rail transportation industries. Their products include gas circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, power transformers, gas insulated substations, power electronics and electricity transmission technologies, generator services, nuclear power plant control systems, uninterruptible power supplies, and rail transportation equipment.

The Electrical Distribution Division was interested in advancing the way they manufactured their products. The production process had not changed for several years and they wanted to accomplish two things at once: bringing manufacturing advances and efficiency gains into the production process, and making room to manufacture new products, essentially freeing at least 25% of their existing floor space for product expansion.

Catalyst Connection assisted MEPPI with creating a new production floor layout and mapped a new manufacturing process flow. By training and working directly with production employees, Catalyst was able to implement practiced routines (KATA) that empowered the MEPPI staff to create new and improved ways to assemble and test existing products. With KATA methodology, progressive manufacturing, and 5S, MEPPI achieved their goals by meeting their current production needs with 25% less.

“The Electrical Distribution Division maintains our emphasis on workplace safety, business development, product quality and advanced manufacturing across both mechanical and electrical product lines. The ongoing application of KATA methodology has brought further improvements to our business, both inside and out of manufacturing, and aids us by reinforcing our improvements as we continue to advance our manufacturing environment.” — Tricia Breeger, General Manger, Electrical Distribution Division, Mitsubishi Electric