Launching a Product to Breathe Easier

IngMar Medical, Ltd.

IngMar Medical, Ltd. (IngMar) is the world leader in breathing simulation devices—a distinction built on a solid history of superior product performance, innovation and customer service. In 2010, IngMar wanted to revolutionize the way

Breath Easier | IngMar Medical, Ltd.

mechanical ventilation was taught. IngMar envisioned a system that would provide the therapist with immersive feedback, a system that would simulate the interactions between a patient and a ventilator just as they occur in reality. They asked

Catalyst Connection to assist in the development and execution of a product development roadmap.

Catalyst Connection’s Connie Palucka created a two-phase project for IngMar to help them develop this new product 1) Design and develop the new product and 2) Develop a product launch strategy and action plan. Out of this effort came the RespiSim PVI. When used with a breathing simulator such as IngMar’s ASL 5000, the RespiSim PVI provides a fully interactive environment for teaching mechanical ventilation.