Improving Leadership Strategies


RE2 is a manufacturer that has specialized in agile defense robotics with an emphasis on intelligent modular manipulation for mobile robotic platforms since 2001. RE2 was looking to improve on leadership development in order to execute corporate strategy through their most valuable asset — people! They leveraged Catalyst Connection’s expertise and DDI’s tools to create a leadership development program that changed leaders’ behaviors, thereby having a lasting impact on customers, employees and ultimately the transformation of their business.

Catalyst provided a series of training experiences to the senior leadership at RE2 aimed at understanding their personal leadership styles and areas for improvement. This was coupled with training on Communication for Leadership Success and effective leadership techniques. Because the entire senior leadership team was trained at the same time in a private setting, RE2 was able to discuss specific situations and receive expert advice to help them corporately solidify their vision and leadership strategy.

“RE2 found that the Communication for Leadership success was so valuable, that we had Catalyst teach a sister course with the same concepts and structure to the entire RE2 staff to provide a common lexicon and strategy for effective communication at all levels.” — Doug Peters, VP of Operations, RE2 Robotics