How to Become an Employer of Choice (in 6 Easy Steps)

People | David Rea| March 17, 2022

Be the Employer You Want to Work For

Employers have begun to realize the importance of diversity in the workplace and the gravity of ignoring the rights a diverse employee base. Per the 2021-2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusive (DEI) Strategic Plan, guidelines are available to help employers improve acceptance and treatment of employees.

Coach With a Positive Outlook

Team members achieve higher results when a success is seen not only as a possibility but as a probability. Each employee is given the same level of potential for the same job. Show team members that you have confidence in them, and their actions will mirror that.

Accept and Embrace Diversity

Each employee has the right to be their authentic self whether at home or work. Acceptance allows each person to have the self-assurance to do the job they are hired to do and know that they are appreciated by upper levels of management and their peers.

Obtain Cultural Competency

In order for employees to truly feel safe in the workplace, they need to trust that their employer values them and at least tries to understand their culture and other ways that make them unique. Successful diversity, equity and inclusion of every employee can only happen if there is acceptance through all levels of your corporation. A workforce that knows they are valued will show improved productivity and morale overall.

Increase Responsibility

Employees who are given increased responsibilities and opportunities to move up in the workplace become move valuable to your company. Actions speak louder than words when you offer a team member a position that you feel they are qualified to fill and allow them to prove it to you and themselves.

Integrate Social Media Into the Workplace

Social media of all types has infiltrated the lives of most people. Let this method of communication help to understand your employees and what is important to them. Social media can open doors to better ways to reach your customers, improve marketing strategies to client bases not previously acknowledged, and keep an open mind about the world around you which includes your employees.

Enlist the Opinions of Employees

Asking employees what matters to them can be a major area of improvement when it comes to inclusion in the workplace. Employees who know their opinions are valued and that they have input are more apt to consider new ideas when they can be included in the discussion. Reach out when you struggle through navigating the guidelines of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, and you will gain important insight.

Learn how your company can become more inclusive in hiring and employment situations. Contact us today at Catalyst Connection to find out how we can help you best serve employee needs and follow DEI standards.

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