How Local Companies Benefited from the Maker-To-Manufacturing (M2M) Program

Miscellaneous | Anna Mancuso| September 30, 2020

Catalyst Connection partnered with the Johnstown Area Regional Industries (JARI) and the University of Pittsburgh to provide both physical and virtual support to small entities seeking to commercialize their products. The virtual Maker-to-Manufacturing Commercialization Center (M2M) connected entrepreneurial makers and small businesses to a larger ecosystem of manufacturing. M2M was able to offer services and resources including technical assistance, access to peer networks, and mini-grant funding for intensive service beyond the basic assistance of the commercialization network.

JUST RELEASED: Check out this success video that tells the story of how three local companies were able to take advantage of the benefits of the M2M grant support & program:

  • Daggerfish Gear Company – The M2M program provided Daggerfish with the ability to take the company to the next level. Daggerfish was able to obtain assistance in the areas of online retail sales, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Tronix3D – M2M support allowed Tronix3D to focus on their IT processes and software to become NIST & ISO certified – as well as FDA approved. This especially became critical when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, where it enabled Tronix3D to seamlessly transition their business processes to continue & ramp up operations.
  • Metal Solutions – As a small business, Metal Solutions relies on Catalyst Connection to provide various services and resources related to HR, continuous improvement, operational excellence (lean journey/5S implementation), etc. Through the M2M Commercialization Center and M2M program, Metal Solutions was able to develop a new website with improved responsive design and search engine optimization leading to increased visits and online visibility.

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