Filterbuy, Air Filter Manufacturing Plant, Will Create 120 Jobs in New Kensington

The Wolf Administration recently announced that an air filter manufacturer will be expanding its operations to Pennsylvania. The expansion will create about 120 full-time jobs in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

Filterbuy, an Alabama-based, family-owned manufacturing organization, has plans to redevelop an old industrial building located in New Kensington. The company will be moving into the old Alcoa facility.

Filterbuy CEO and founder, David Heacock, says the New Kensington plant will bring over 60 jobs to the area by the end of 2021 and more than 100 by the end of 2022. Due to the increased demand for air filtration products throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has continually added jobs throughout the past year.

The company received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development for a Pennsylvania First grant valued for $300,000. Filterbuy was founded in 2013 and has addtional locations in Alabama, Florida and Utah.

People interested in a job can call 1-855-345-8289 for more information.