Engaging with Oberg Employees

Oberg Industries, Inc.

Oberg Industries Inc., with headquarters in Butler County, is a pioneer in the use of tungsten carbide in high precision stamping dies and die components. The company has continued to design and manufacture precision tooling while expanding its capabilities to become a provider of world-class manufacturing solutions specializing in high-quality, high-volume, precision metal and plastic parts and assemblies.

Oberg has made a commitment to employee training and skill development. Catalyst Connection’s Senior Organizational Development Consultant, David Rea, and Evaluation and Reporting Administrator, Mara Connelly, supported Oberg with a training needs analysis of their employees. They followed this with an Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey and Focus Groups to gather qualitative data related to employee engagement, satisfaction and morale. Based on the analysis and feedback from Oberg management and employees, Catalyst Connection is working to help develop training curriculum that Oberg is currently using to enhance the job skills that were identified to be critical for job success.