Anna Mancuso

Nine Smart Factories Lighting the Way to a Winning Industry 4.0 Strategy

Original Article: Industry Week, John Hitch The future of manufacturing is a dark place, shrouded in the unknown. As wise Master Yoda once said, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” As in that galaxy far, far away, there are so many variables with which to consider: The skills gap, the aging workforce, […]


Catalyst Connection is moving to Hazelwood Green

Original Article: NEXTPittsburgh, Bill O’Toole Hazelwood Green, the 178-acre site that houses an economic development program several generations in the making, just signed a new tenant. Catalyst Connection, a Pittsburgh-based workforce development organization dedicated to helping small manufacturers, will move its headquarters to the Hazelwood Green site in October of 2019. The group will occupy 8300 square feet on […]