Announcing GBA’s 2019 Emerald Evening Awardees

By Natalie Stewart, Green Building Alliance

GBA is honored to present the 5 awardees for the 2019 Emerald Evening Gala, in addition to inaugurating Pittsburgh’s UN Center of Excellence on High Performance Building.

After an extensive and exhaustive selection process, GBA is honoring 5 people and projects that have transformed communities across the region, demonstrating boldness of leadership and ingenuity of spirit. GBA is equally excited to celebrate the body of the community’s accomplishments, with the official agreement launching Pittsburgh’s United Nation’s Center of Excellence on High Performance Building.

This year, the awardees span the reaches of sustainability, from the depths of the buildings to the places of learning to the neighborhoods through which we walk.  Across these accomplishments, what is shared is an unrelenting commitment to innovation, and ultimately, to the advancement of health and prosperity for all. It is the vision of these pioneers, their perseverance in the face of change that grants GBA the immeasurable opportunity to launch the 4th UN Center for Excellence in the world.  GBA will be welcoming the UNECE’s Scott Foster to open this inspiring line-up, fittingly composed of the very individuals who elevated Western Pennsylvania to the global forefront of sustainable design.

With gratitude, GBA presents their 2019 Emerald Evening honorees:

Vivian Loftness
Legacy Award

Malik Bankston
Luminary Award

Vanguard Award

Erie Community
Beacon Award

DMI Companies
Enterprise Award

Please join the Green Building Alliance in celebrating these incredible achievements at the 2019 Emerald Evening Gala on September 12th.