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Crisis Management Tabletop Exercise: What Managers Must Know about this Indispensable Crisis Exercise Format

by Oliver S. Schmidt, President & CEO, C4CS® Many managers believe that having a crisis management plan and designated crisis response team members is sufficient. However, in order to be as prepared as possible conducting recurring crisis exercises is also critical. A tabletop crisis exercise is essentially a role-playing activity that presents a group of […]


Stay Up-to-Date on Foreign Adversary, Cyber and Criminal Threats

Over the past few days, the FBI and other government agencies’ published a number intelligence reports regarding foreign adversary, cyber and criminal threats. Click the links below to learn more on the following topics: FBI Flash: Anatomy of Alien Mobile Malware Infection Criminals Impersonating Legitimate Employees to Commit Fraud Target U.S. Technologies: A Report of […]


IT Security: Best Practices for Manufacturing Companies

Simply Having an IT Security Plan is Not Enough Manufacturers of all sizes institute best practices across a broad spectrum of categories, covering people, places, products and processes. And information technology (IT) is typically inherent in each of these to one degree or another. In this series, we have explored many aspects of IT security. […]