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Practicing Consistent Selling is More Important Post-COVID

In normal times, consistency is among the most critical traits of sales teams. However, in the new post-COVID-19 environment, being consistent has grown from being important to imperative. What does it mean to be Consistent? Consistency means measurability, ease of learning, and forming good habits. It’s creating repeatability, which leads to growth and success for […]


Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Manufacturing Workforce

Once a more traditional industry, manufacturing is now much more advanced and modern, and it requires diverse skill sets from all walks of life and experience. That’s why manufacturing leaders must stay on top of outreach efforts to attract diverse talent and create inclusive manufacturing environments that welcome everyone to participate and contribute. Manufacturers have […]


Tackling the Manufacturing Skills Gap

According to a report from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), more than 25% of manufacturers had to turn down new business opportunities because of a lack of available workers to do the job. There is currently a fundamental skills gap in the U.S, resulting in a critical talent shortage affecting manufacturers. Many workers don’t […]