2019 TransTech Energy Pitch Competition Winners Announced

First Place, $10,000 – Conservation Labs, Brownsville, PA – Mark Kovscek, CEO, presenter

Conservation Labs’ H2knowTM system is a smart water technology for homes, apartment buildings and other properties that uses an app, a $1 easy-to-install sensor, and machine learning to understand water flow by interpreting the sound of water and deliver actionable water insights, leak alerts, and custom conservation recommendations that can save up to 20 percent water use.

Second Place, $5,000 – HiberSense, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA – Jacob Kring, Co-Founder and CEO, presenter  

HiberSense offers Smart Comfort Control for every room in a home using a patent-pending, easy retrofit solution of vents, thermostats, sensors, and a hub that analyzes data and user preferences to provide HVAC automation and control resulting in maximum comfort and up to 40 percent energy savings.

Third Place, $2,500 – PacketViper, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA – Ken Wolf, CRO, presenter

PacketViper’s Deception 360 is a dynamic cyber deception platform (software) that eliminates cyber threats and increases attack difficulty by misleading and deceiving threats throughout their attack cycle. This cybersecurity solution is well aligned with the energy sector’s cyber-defense mission and uniquely suited for IP connected Operational Technology networks.

WVU Research Corporation Technical Assistance Award,  $10,000 to a West Virginia University Researcher to work with the Award Winner – Agri-Tech Producers, LLC, Columbia, SC – Joseph James, President, presenter

Using the recently patented Combined Remediation Biomass and Bio-Product Production (CRBBP) Process, Agri-Tech Producers plants and multi-tasks biocrops and their resulting biomass for uses including the uptake of pollutants from soils and waters, a clean coal substitute, and feedstock for energy pellets and biofuels.

TransTech “One to Watch” Award, $1,250 to a person or company that has the potential to be a “Game Changer” – Oil/Water Separation Technology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH – Italo Silva, ThinkEnergy Fellow, presenter 

This oil/water separator is a low cost, compact, highly efficient coated mesh screen that filters and separates oil from water for use in oil spill cleanups.

 Crowd Choice Awards: 

  • First Place – Agri-Tech Producers, LLC, Columbia, SC – Joseph James, President. Uses a recently patented process to multi-task biocrops and their resulting biomass for uses including the uptake of pollutants from soils and waters, a clean coal substitute, and feedstock for energy pellets and biofuels. 
  • Second Place – OrionBlock Systems, Inc., Morgantown, WV – Jacob Lysick, COO and Chip Gerber, CEO.  An Artificial Intelligence powered blockchain that guards against supply chain attacks and data breaches.
  • Third Place – Advanced Magnetic Core Technology – National Energy Technology Lab/Carnegie Mellon University combined project. A novel manufacturing process that creates smaller, lighter, more efficient electromagnetic cores that will revolutionize technological innovation for power electronic applications. 

Student Poster Competition: 

  • First Place – Thermal Degredation of Superhydrophobic Coatings, Case Western University, Cleveland, OH – Italo Silva, Think Energy Fellow
  • Second Place – Turning Coal Waste Management into Revenue-Generating Operation for the Region, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV – Musfique Ahmed, MS Candidate
  • Third Place – West Virginia University Industrial Assessment Center (IAC), Morgantown, WV – Rupa Das, Vivash Karki, and Pradyumna Bettagere Jagadish: IAC student members