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When the Time Comes to Upgrade ERP – Five Key Signs

We of course are referring to Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP. For a manufacturing firm, it’s that big software application that plans production materials, takes customer orders, conducts purchasing, production planning, inventory control and much more. And let’s not forget the accounting underbelly. A well-implemented modern ERP is a serious asset. Most notably represented […]


Catalyst Connection is Offering Digital Manufacturing & Design Assessments

What is Digital Manufacturing & Design (DM&D)? Digital manufacturing & design (DM&D) is an integrated approach that brings together software, data, and control systems to model, simulate, analyze, control, and optimize both a product and its manufacturing systems performance.  This can range from implementing simple IoT solutions to gather data off shop equipment all the […]


Improving Quality Management Systems: Creating Sustainable Programs

All-Clad Metalcrafters LLC All-Clad Metalcrafters LLC (All-Clad) is located in Canonsburg, Washington County and currently has approximately 200 employees. All-Clad manufactures professional-quality bonded cookware for working chefs, gourmet home cooks and everyday foodies. All-Clad’s revolutionary bonded cookware offers extraordinary quality, striking aesthetics and exemplary cooking performance. Today, from its rolling mill in Southwest Pennsylvania, All-Clad […]