ARC Power Mini-Grant Program

Funding Availability, Program Eligability


The ARC Power Mini-grant Program is a grant program funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission, through the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, and administered by Catalyst Connection. The Power Mini-grant is designed to assist coal impacted community’s response to negative economic factors by diversifying and growing small and medium sized manufacturers through strategic efforts to build capacity, improve efficiencies and demand locally, stimulate job creation, and drive economic impact. If you are a manufacturer, click here and take a survey to help us determine if an ARC Power Mini-Grant is a good fit for your company.

Funding Availability

Applicants may request a grant up to 30% of the total advanced manufacturing technology project cost up to $10,000. Awards will be made on a first come, first served basis with priority given to first time applicants. Mini-grant dollars may be used to support direct, project-related consulting costs, contracted services, software purchases, supplies, and one-time costs related to the implementation of advanced manufacturing technology cost.

Program Eligibility

Applicants requesting mini-grant assistance through this program must meet all of the criteria listed below to be eligible for funding consideration:

  • Be a small to medium sized manufacturer located within the ten county region of southwestern Pennsylvania. (Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington or Westmoreland County)
  • Complete a technical assessment and assistance process by Catalyst Connection.
  • Have a clearly defined and ready advanced technology project which aligns with the recommendations resulting from the technical assessment and assistance process.
  • Provide at least a 70% match to total project cost. Applicants must be able to cover the total project costs until grant reimbursement is issued.
  • Participate in post-award surveying to collect information on project status, economic impacts, and other information as requested. Applicants who have not previously received a mini-grant award through this program in the last grant cycle will be given priority for funding.
  • The complete guidelines for the ARC Power Mini-Grants can be found in this document.

Grant funds are for the implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT). AMT is the use of new process/materials to do things faster, cheaper and with higher quality results.  This can include technologies for continuous improvement and leveraging access to high speed internet to reach new customers or markets, receive orders, collaborate on new designs, share information, track orders, and/or monitor equipment and productivity. Examples of applicable projects:

  1. Market Diversification — market diversification strategy development and execution  •  website development/optimization  •  market opportunity research and analysis  •  sales training and coaching
  2. AMT Adoption — continuous improvement initiatives  •  leveraging high speed internet to reach new customers or markets, collaborate on new designs, track orders, and/or monitor equipment and productivity   •  managing cyber security risks   •  adopting new technologies such as additive manufacturing
  3. Innovation — product or process development