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Identifying Performance Gaps & Implementing World Class Sales Practices Webinar

In a field deluged with new content, but short on ideas, this webinar presents an original and imminently practical roadmap that begins with assessing a sales organization’s current state, proceeds through establishing both best practices and a conceptual framework for understanding and applying them, and ultimately achieves measurable results.

The Miller Heiman Group’s World-Class Sales Practices Study (formerly Sales Best Practices) identifies the top 12 sales practices that world-class sellers follow, compared to less successful sellers. It presents performance in the context of the SRP Matrix, which is a framework of customer relationships and sales processes that quantifies performance levels.

About the presenter: Charlie Celaya, Business Development Manager of Miller Heiman Group

Charlie combines 20 years of experience in Sales and service consulting with the world’s largest sales performance improvement company. Why?

The effectiveness of Miller Heiman Group’s approach to sales process improvement, sales organization alignment, talent optimization and sales training lies in our understanding of the art and science of sales. Sales and service leaders around the world trust our proven consulting practices, sales methodologies and skills training to improve sales performance and customer experience.


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