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Value Stream Mapping Training

Value Stream Mapping Training is a practical, powerful tool for uncovering waste and prioritizing improvements that support reductions in lead time and cost. It will allow your team to create a game plan for attaining smoother, more efficient flow of material and information.

Course Objective

Value Stream Mapping Training offers a real-world case study for learning to identify and document the flow of product and information from order entry and raw materials through production to delivery to the customer. The first step is the creation of a current-state map — a system view of the value stream — that documents present conditions and uncovers waste. Participants then apply lean manufacturing techniques to diagnose the sources of waste and create a future-state map. This map depicts an efficient, lean value stream that’s more flexible and responsive to customer demands. To bridge the gap between the current and future states, you will use brainstorming and similar techniques, to build an action plan for prioritizing and managing improvements.

You can amplify the impact of your manufacturing improvement activities by using kaizen, a structured rapid-improvement method that follows a standard approach and uses standard tools. The kaizen method achieves immediate, tangible, sustainable results in days, rather than months.

Learning this proven approach for planning and structuring improvement activities will enable you to maximize team participation, set realistic goals, measure improvements, and implement controls. Kaizen is the most effective method for implementing an improvement plan and developing a team’s ability to pursue continuous improvement. In addition to a Value Stream Mapping Training workbook, you will receive a set of electronic templates to assist you in applying kaizen effectively.

Benefits of Value Stream Mapping Training

Value Stream Mapping Training participants will learn to:

  • Trace a value stream and identify waste in its flow
  • View products from a system perspective
  • Map the value stream’s material and information flows
  • Prioritize activities needed to achieve the future state
  • Plan effective change processes

Who Should Attend

Manufacturing managers, team leaders, and team members charged with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

If you would like more information on lean certification, contact Eric MacDonald, Managing Director of Continuous Improvement.


Eric MacDonald

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