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Resolving Workplace Conflict

Course Overview

Today’s business environment challenges organizations to increase productivity, improve quality, shorten cycle time and reduce costs. An unfortunate but natural byproduct of these challenges is conflict. While conflict can lead to discoveries such as new ideas and innovative breakthroughs, it can, if allowed to escalate, result in damage to critical working relationships. This web-based course will help you learn the steps needed to work on resolving workplace conflict within your organization.

This course teaches leaders how to recognize the signs of escalating conflict and take appropriate action to minimize damage. Leaders are introduced to two resolution tactics–coach and mediate–and practice using the interaction Essentials as they coach then mediate to resolve a conflict. (Prerequisite: Communicating for Leadership Success.)

Participants will learn how to:

  • Reduce the damaging effects of workplace conflict on individuals, groups, and the organization.
  • Effectively address workplace conflict and enhance productivity, efficiency, and morale.
  • Help others take responsibility for resolving their own conflicts.
  • Promote a culture of trust and mutual respect within their work group.


Each web-based course is self-paced, and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.


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