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Planning and Managing Resources Training

December 18 @ 8:30 am - 2:30 pm EST

An organization’s success relies on everyone getting their jobs done and on time. Many are able to meet daily challenges and complete their assigned tasks and projects. However, there are some who have difficulty getting things done because of conflicting priorities, the task’s scope changes, or they might be prone to procrastination. They might also be unaware of all the resources available to them and how to utilize them effectively.

This course helps associates develop the skills they need to use time and manage resources more effectively so they are able to make stronger contributions to the organization. Using the tips, techniques, and tools in this course will also help learners complete projects successfully by anticipating obstacles and devising a plan to address them.


  • Why Can’t I Get Things Done?:  Learners watch a video in which an employee sees how he is contributing to his own difficulties with getting work done. They then review a list of pitfalls, and determine the situations and outcomes for those with which they struggle.
  • Prioritizing Work: Learners read a scenario and determine how someone prioritizes their work and decide if they would do something different. Next, they explore the differences between “urgency” and “importance” and complete an activity that helps them prioritize better. Tips are provided to help learners say “no” when they are about to overcommit.
  • Making the Best Use of Resources: Learners complete an inventory of the resources (people, information, space, equipment) available to them. Next, they learn how to secure those resources by communicating appropriately and effectively. Learners watch a video and critique the way the person seeks support from a colleague. They review key points for optimizing resources.
  • Staying Focused: Learners discover four main obstacles to staying focused. Next, they identify where they spend time and pinpoint their focus breakers. Learners use tips and a tool to break down tasks into smaller units to help them overcome procrastination. A video highlights how clutter and disorganization can impact focus. Best practices are presented for improving team focus, including working virtually.
  • Project Planning Simulation: Taking on the role of a team leader, learners work through a simulation that has them determine tasks and allocate resources to coordinate the relocation of two merged teams.
  • Scheduling: Four steps to creating a schedule are introduced. Learners create a project schedule and note contingency plans for the relocation project. They use a checklist to help anticipate obstacles that can throw the project off track.


December 18
8:30 am - 2:30 pm
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Erica Frischmann

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