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Improving Food & Beverage Inspection with Automated Machine Vision Webinar

Guidance for Manufacturers

It’s widely known that human vision performs adequately for a certain period of time, but is subject to distraction and subsequent mistakes. Multiple quality control studies show that human inspectors consistently find only 80% of the defects, while, in some applications, machine vision has been shown to approach a 0% inspection failure rate. And, as technology prices drop, and the ease of use increases, machine vision continues to be a more attractive option for small and medium-sized manufacturers, particularly in the Food & Beverage industry.

On December 8th at 1:30 PM EST Robotics Automation Engineering Expert Jonathan Perez and Technical Services Senior Consultant Matt Minner will discuss how machine vision can help Food & Beverage manufacturers gain real, measurable metrics by:

  • Increasing throughput by eliminating nonconforming product & packaging
  • Improving quality by verifying all parameters of an item
  • Protecting consumers to make sure products are labeled properly for identification
  • Tracking products to ensure items are where they need to be


Meet the Speakers:

     Jonathan Perez, Robotics Automation Engineering Expert, CMTC Contractor





Matt Minner, Senior Consultant, Technical Services, Catalyst Connection









Virtual Event
Pittsburgh, PA United States