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Fuel for Thought: Crisis in Ukraine: Energy Truths & Consequences

Join Shale POWER for a special Fuel for Thought as we discuss the crisis in Ukraine and its impact on global energy. Kathryn Klaber, Managing Director for The Klaber Group, will explore the history that led up to the recent global rise in oil prices, outline the importance of energy to the United States, Europe, and Russian economies, and lay out a path to minimizing the volatility in pricing in the future.

Agenda topics:

• Today’s headlines demand the backstory

• Energy revenues are critically important to Russia’s economy and power

• Russia’s energy supply is far more critical to Europe than to the U.S.

• Solutions to the energy crisis are well within our control, and would help to avoid future scenarios like the current atrocities in Ukraine

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Tom Reed


Pittsburgh, PA 15207 United States