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Advanced Social Media for Businesses

Course Overview

Social media has become prevalent in mainstream media and in many aspects of our daily lives. Social media has also become a powerful tool allowing businesses to promote their products/services and engage with customers in new ways. This course covers social media strategies and tactics that businesses can use for more effective marketing, sales growth, customer segmentation and competitive advantage. The agenda of this course also contains success stories, most recent trends of social media and tools that track and measure success.


  • Best Practices with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and others
  •  Developing a Social Media plan that is aligned with Strategy, Marketing, Sales, PR and Customers
  •  Engaging the Customer in New Ways
  •  Importance of Valuable and Relevant Content
  •  New Trends and Tools
  • Developing and Executing the Plan
  • How to Measure Success and Connect Results to the Sales Pipeline
  • And much more

Who Should Attend?

This course will be relevant for participants ranging from business owners and senior executives to marketing/sales managers. We will cover tactics and hands-on exercises such as how to setup and use the various social media channels for business such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Please bring your mobile device and/or laptop for some real-life application and engagement during the workshop.

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