Leadership Development

Leadership Skills, Leadership Coaching

Building frontline leadership skills among supervisors and managers results in higher employee morale and productivity and lower employee turnover.  Successful companies realize this simple fact and focus on enhancing frontline leadership development skills with innovative solutions designed to improve employee performance through coaching, communication, and problem-solving. Why?  Because these companies understand that when it comes to enforcing company policies and setting the tone for the work environment, frontline and mid-level managers have the most direct influence on the organization.

The Catalyst Connection Difference for Leadership Development

Catalyst Connection is an official educational channel partner of Development Dimensions International (DDI). This certifies us to bring their world-class frontline leadership content to manufacturing companies in southwestern Pennsylvania. Catalyst Connection brings together content from multiple sources to develop a strategic solution to meet the specific needs and budget of each manufacturing client.

Leadership Development Tools for Success & Service Offerings

  • DDI Leadership Mirror® Feedback: This “360 degree feedback” provides a unique and important understanding of an individual’s strengths and growth areas. Learn more about DDI Leadership Mirror® Feedback 
  • DDI Success Profiles: DDI Success Profiles help organizations start down the path toward hiring or promoting the best people by identifying the characteristics that describe the ideal candidate for the job. Learn more about DDI Success Profiles
  • DDI Leadership Curriculum: Our Frontline Leadership Curriculum training builds strong relationships and interactions between people at all levels in your organization in order to achieve business results. Contact us today to learn more!