Robotics and Technology Engagement Report

Catalyst Connection launched the SMM1 Study: Robotics and Technology Engagement with the goal of guiding future initiatives to accelerate technology adoption.

Robotics and Technology Engagement Report Overview

Advanced technologies, such as robotics and automation, are effective means to improve efficiencies and alleviate pain points experienced in manufacturing operations, but is manufacturing automation as widely utilized as it could or should be? And if not, how can the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)2 and other manufacturing support organizations more effectively accelerate technology exploration and adoption efforts? This is especially critical for the SMM segment, which makes up 99%3 of manufacturing organizations across the nation. A team of four MEP centers conducted the study in collaboration with ARM – Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, a Manufacturing USA institute. The contributing MEP Centers and associated geographic regions are:


• California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC) — California

• Catalyst Connection — SW Pennsylvania

• FuzeHub — New York

• Impact Washington — Washington


The SMM Study was conducted from December 2019 – January 2020 and collected 154 responses across a diverse mix of industries and companies. Over 13 industry segments are represented with the largest share of respondents from Food & Beverage at 19%, Aerospace at 18%, and Fabricated Metal Products at 16%.


Download your copy today to learn about the perceptions and plans of your peer companies when it comes to robotics and technology adoption.



1 Small and Medium Manufacturing. Manufacturer with under 500 employees

2 Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Network of public-private partner

ships focused on supporting small and medium-sized manufacturers

with the resources needed to grow and thrive.

3 Source: US Census Bureau


For more information on the Robotics and Technology Engagement Report, contact Matt Minner, Senior Consultant, Technical Services