Financial Services

Catalyst Connection gathers the latest intelligence on financial resources, grants, investor access, and loan programs that are available to the southwestern PA manufacturing community. And we’re eager to share everything we know. Our financial experts work to access a company’s financial situation, develop a plan, and implement a solution aligned with your short- and long-range capital goals.

Our financial services do not compete against banks or funding programs – we partner with them to provide the best solution to a manufacturer seeking access to capital.

The Catalyst Connection Difference 

  • Credit History – We take into account more than just past history; we also consider the borrower’s projections of future success and future business plans.
  • Collateral – We consider a larger loan amount compared to the value of the purchased collateral. We can accept additional or alternative collateral.
  • Lien Position – We consider a subordinate lien position on collateral to senior lenders such as your bank.
  • Payment Options – We consider flexible payment structures to fit cash flow including:
    • Interest only periods
    • Payments that fit seasonable business

We can help you finance your objectives through:

  • Establish current business valuation and financial status
  • Identify the most appropriate resources and options
  • Verify your eligibility for funding from a variety of public and private sources
  • Customize both public-private and commercial loan packages
  • Apply for state and federal assistance through programs operated by: Industrial Development Authority, Pennsylvania Economic Development Finance Authority, Small Business Administration, and Small Business First
  • Connect with leaders in the banking, leasing, accounting, insurance, investment, legal, and real estate sectors who can provide specialized, expert counsel
  • Support business selling opportunities

4 Questions to Answer Before Making a Large Equipment or Capital Purchase

  1. Are you looking to purchase new or used equipment?
  2. What Return on Investment can you expect from this purchase?
  3. How will you sustain the new equipment?
  4. How will you find new sales to offset this new expense?

Catalyst Connection can help you get the answers!

Understand Your Business Value

Receive an unbiased valuation of your manufacturing business and learn what changes you can make to receive the most benefit financially.

Business Valuation and Selling a Business

Get Started

For more information on financial resources or services that Catalyst Connection can provide, contact Art Tintori, Managing Director, Financial Services